Finite Mathematics

This is a general course for students who are majoring in business, management, economics, or the life or social sciences. It is assumed that a student has taken at least two semesters of high school algebra. I will be teaching this course with R and Python as a part of our Jonglei Institute of Science & Technology (JIST) online program.

Alier Ëë Reng


Finite Mathematics, 9th Edition by Lial, Greenwell & Ritchey (Pearson, 2008).


  1. Algebra Reference
  2. Linear Functions
  3. Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices
  4. Linear Programming: The Graphical Methods
  5. Linear Programming: The Simplex Method
  6. Mathematics of Finance
  7. Logics
  8. Sets and Probability
  9. Counting Principles: Further Probability Topics
  10. Statistics
  11. Markov Chains
  12. Game Theory


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