Pakeer Community Association - USA 2013 Presidential Election

A speech that I delivered during the Pakeer Community Association - USA 2013 Conference in Lousiville, KY.

Alier Ëë Reng

Dear PCA members, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good evening to you! I am grateful to God Almighty for granting us this golden opportunity to convene here this evening; and for blessing our community.

Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you all for making time to attend our meeting in spite of your busy schedules. This shows your love for our great community; and I would like you to know that your ardent and unwavering support is crucial to our success. Thank you! Also, allow me to thank PCA members for entrusting us with their leadership; for ardently supporting our objectives and for their steadfastness during the good and bad times in the last two years. Thank you all!

Furthermore, ladies and gentlemen, I would be remiss if I do not thank and acknowledge my wonderful team members for their undivided support and commitments in serving our community; they are the best team any leader could ever wish to have had in his/her administration. So please let’s give a round of applause to: V. President John Manyuon Aroch; Secretary General Lual Deng Awan; Assist. Sec. General Awur Atem Biar; + Treasurer Abraham Atem Akech; Assist. Treasurer John Dut Kuol; Inf. Secretary Jacob Thon Kuereng; Assist. Info. Sec. Dut Amour Atem; Community Development Chairman James Garang Ayiik; Assist. Com. Dev. Chairman Amol Atem Amol; Com. Dev. Secretary Jok Dau Jok; Assist.Com. Dev. Sec. Panther Agok Jang; Com. Dev. Treasusrer John Dut Kur; Education Chairman John Jol Amol; Assist. Ed. Chairman Chol Kiir Atem; Ed.Secretary Achirin Amou Arok; Assist. Ed. Sec. Deng Ayach Adit; Ed.Treasurer Ajiel Atem Wal; Foreign Relation Assist. Secretary Atem Wal Atem; Appreciation & Recognition Program Secretary Gabriel Dut Atem; Chaplain Mayom Jok Lial; Legal Advisor Chol Makuei Khor; Health Advisors: Dr. James Yai Atem and Peter Lueth Deng; and Counselor Kuol Awan Garang.

Thank you all for your assiduousness and selfless sacrifices! I am blessed, honored and humbled to have had you in my administration. By the same token, I would like to thank our in-laws for their steadfast support and for hosting us. Also, I would like to thank Lual Atem and his team, and all the people of Louisville for their warm and generous welcoming. Thank you! Moreover, I would like to thank Thon Kuereng Yai, Jok Dau Jok, Lual Deng Awan and Bol Biar Aweng, for their hard work of bringing healthcare services to our people in South Sudan. The Healthcare Clinics established by these young men have saved many lives that would have been lost to due diseases. Thank you and may God bless you all to continue blessing our people with the work of your hands.

Dear PCA members, please allow me to shift gears now and talk about my first term promises; and accomplishments. As you might recall, two years ago, I stood before you in Dallas, Texas and promised to do the followings:

Well, tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I am honored and humbled to proudly announce to you that our assiduous Community Development Committee led by James Garang Ayiik registered 270 members in our first term; assisted Pakeer Wrestling Team with $1000, and the victims and the families of those who lost their lives during Pajur I & II, Nyany & Bor-Juba Road, and Ayiik-dit Murle attacks; and assisted other communities with a total of $6,390 (for grand total of $7,390). On the other hand, our Education Committee led by John Jol Amol offered educational assistance to one student in Uganda and gave out appreciation certificates to our recent graduates. We fought tooth and nail mostly at Twic East County level to ensure that our voice was heard and our rights respected; we have contacted Kut Manyang, the President of Pakeer Community Association - Australia; and our team went to South Sudan and met with Pakeer Community in Juba this past December. Above all, we have raised about $30,000 in our first term for Pakeer Agricultural Project.

Ladies and gentlemen, we were able to accomplish all these because our team put the interests of our people before their own by devoting their valuable time and resources toward furthering the goals of our community; and our community members stood steadfastly by us too. We are proud of this great community and its goal-oriented members; WE ARE INDEBTED TO THEM - Pakeer Members!

Dear Pakeer members, ladies and gentlemen, our community’s interests trump our individual interests; and therefore, never should we at anytime allow selfish individuals to bifurcate us into their friends and their enemies; and this includes me. That’s, if you ever notice any unusual behaviors being exhibited by me or any other PCA member, you must stand up and hold me or that person accountable rather than spreading rumors from state to state; because it is the responsibility of the General Assembly to hold both the leaders and members accountable alike.

Last but not the least, some of you might have been befuddled by the fact that we have invited county leaders and Great Bor Community leader! Please don’t be! We did it simply because we believe that by participating in our meeting and/or election, these leaders will learn something from our community and at the same time, they will be able to (later on) offer us their friendly critiques of the ways we govern ourselves; and that would help us in reexamining our leadership style(s).

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, we, the Pakeer Community will only prosper if we can prioritize putting our community’s interests before our own interests. Hence, I am urging you all to double your efforts and to join hands in furthering the goals of our great community.

Thank you all for listening! May God bless you all with good health, wisdom and prosperity; and may God bless Pakeer Community over the entire world.

Alier Ëë Reng, Former PCA - USA President

May 18, 2013


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